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2013 Grand Reunion Reminder

 Last call for those who have not yet confirmed their attendance at the biennial reunion of Pagsanjenos in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 6 & 7, 2013. Please contact Ramon Garcia at (714) 775-7160 or (714) 658-2859, email -, address: 11074 Stonecress Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. We greatly discourage walk-ins on the date of the reunion because of seating and catering problems. We want all attendees to have comfortable seating and we want to be able to tell the caterers how much food to prepare. We anticipate a well attended reunion so please don't allow yourselves to be left out. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! See you all there!


Pagsanjan, Laguna PHILIPPINES

"Famous in song and story is the little town of Pagsanjan (pronounced ´Pag-sang-han´), situated about 92 kilometers south of Manila and can easily be reached by car or bus in less than two hours. It is world-renowned not only because of the Pagsanjan Falls, whose enchanting beauty fascinates tourists from all corners of the globe, but also because of its panoramic vistas, its fine homes and lovely women, and its talented citizens, whose achievements in war and peace reflect glory to the Filipino nation, and its cosmopolite culture which is a harmonious amalgam of Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, and American heritage." ...Dr. Gregorio Zaide 


The Embassy Suites Anaheim - South address printed on the 9th Biennial Grand Reunion ticket was misprinted as 1767 Harbor Blvd.  The correct street address is 11767 Harbor Blvd.  We apologize for this printing error.  Please inform all Pagsanjenos you know who might not have access to the web about this correction.

If you have not made your commitment to join your many "kalagaslas" yet, please do so now. For more information and to get more tickets, please contact Ramon Garcia at (714) 775-7160 (Home) or (714) 658-2859 (Cell) or at

Thank you very much.  We'll see you in July!

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Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of the province of Laguna and one of the premiere world-class tourist destinations in the Philippines, is gifted with natural wonders and scenic views!



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